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Call (904) 996-0672 if you need assistance with your Registration Code.

For general assistance, please email support@GateSentry.com 
or call 800-975-5971.


The summer season is here and incidents of prowling sometimes increase.
Vehicles should always be parked in their garage with the garage door closed!

If for some reason a vehicle must be left out overnight, be sure and remove anything you would like to see again in the morning and lock the vehicle doors. Almost all incidents involve vehicles with unlocked doors.

Reminder About Guests

Guests who are invited in or who are on your permanent access list to use the amenities must be accompanied by you as the owner at all times.   Please do not risk the guard asking them to leave per Association Rules.

Bar Code Information

Hampton Park is a controlled access community. To insure access to only those vehicles having a right to be in the community the Gatehouse is manned by an Access Control Officer (ACO) around the clock seven days a week. As a courtesy to residents and to insure quick access to the community a resident entry lane has been provided. The lane operates with an automatic gate triggered by bar codes placed on resident vehicles. Marsh Landing Management Company (MLMC) has been directed by the Association Board of Directors to insure that only authorized vehicles are granted the bar code privilege. To accomplish this task required by rule (8) below, the board has approved a process that requires the actual bar code be applied to the owner’s vehicle by MLMC personnel. This will insure that only documented authorized vehicles are afforded a resident privilege. Please remember that bar code entry is a privilege and this privilege can be revoked for several reasons as described in the CCR and rules: Click here to download.

Click here to view cost and where to get the bar codes.

Internet & TV Update

Click here for details

Trash Collection Procedure 

It is the responsibility of all residents to separate yard trash, trash, and garbage (including rubbish). Trash, garbage (including rubbish) and recyclables shall be placed separately at curbside no sooner than 5:00 p.m. of the day before scheduled collection and any garbage/recyclables receptacles shall be removed by 6:00 a.m. the following day. 

  • Garbage pickup (green) Monday morning every week
  • Recycle pickup (yellow) Monday morning every other week
  • Yard waste pickup bagged/neatly bundled Tuesday every week
  • Bulk waste is picked up on recycle days
  • Appliances/large items require a call to 630-2489 to schedule pickup

Click Here for the Solid Waste Collection Schedule

Street Parking Rules

No vehicles may be parked regularly on the streets.  This means daily or overnight.   The guards patrol and ticket any vehicles left on the streets after 11 P.M. and log the information for the Association.  Repeat violations will generate a notice from the Association and a warning before a fine is levied by the Board.   Guest passes for visitors may be obtained at the guard house.

Traffic Enforcement

Hampton Park has a serious speeding problem! In addition, residents regularly ignore stop signs. The board is taking serious steps to combat these problems.

These problems are not unique to Hampton Park so possible solutions are well known. Here’s what your board is doing:

  1. Work to stamp out irresponsible behavior by penalizing it. To that end the board recruits the most aggressive JSO officers available to patrol our streets and remind residents and visitors that the rules do apply to them.
  2. Use technology to alter behavior. A speed sign is being integrated into the community. The sign is currently establishing a baseline of the speeding problem and will begin operation by the end of May. If you want to understand why we think this will help please visit this page.
  3. Consider hiring a traffic engineer to determine placement of additional control devices, stop signs, speed bumps, IED’s, etc.

Bottom line? Our speed limit is 25 MPH. Stop signs are placed only where necessary. Please observe both or explain your bad behavior to officer Friendly.

Yard Waste & Household Debris

Please remember that all lawn clippings and household debris should not be placed at the curb until the night before scheduled pickup.   Lawn services should be encouraged to include removal of yard waste in their fees.  Items left at the curb all week detract from the appearance of our community and owners who place them out early will receive a notice of violation.   Please help us maintain the look of a well-kept community by observing these requirements.

Gate House Phone Number

(904) 996-0672

Gardening Tips

Click Here to learn about the types of flowers, vegetables, herbs and more to plant. Also, learn how to maintain your grass so it's healthy and green.

(904) 273-3033 www.MarshLandingManagement.com
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